Easy and Affordable Solution to Grow Food @home with an automate gardener

Weedle an Easy Way to Grow your Food

Weedle Automate: Gardener

Weedle Build Video


Steps by Steps to assemble all components and configure your raspberry to run Weedle open source

Weedle Open Source


Dowload and Install Weedle Open Source

Weedle Cloud


Wants to join the great adventure of weedle, then connect with us and we will provide you FREE timeline of your plant growing. As many times you want!

First Weedle Gardener


360 Picture of the first Weedle Automate Gardener

Weedle Garden


Idea on how to create your garden indoor & outdoor.

Weedle Gardener Build Video

Weedle Gardener Build Steps by a teenager 

Required Amazon Weedle Shopping list:


Weedle Open Source Download and Install

Full Image .dmg


If you have a brand new raspberry you can install the full image by downloading WeedleOpenSource.dmg below 

and follow the instruction on how to restore  the dmg on your Raspberry PI



You can help to improve the code and download it at: 


It will requires you to install all the driver explained in the readme

Weedle Cloud


Free Plant Time Lapse


We will enable a link between your built gardener and weedle cloud to capture picture of your plant and provide when you want free and cool plant timeline growing videos.

Example of plant time lapse

Connection Request

Email us at WeedleCloud@weedle.io and we will reply with the connection detail to connect and get your Free Plant Time Line

Making the Gardener Smarter

Plants are like human, every plants from same species are different therefore providing an ultimate way to provide the best climate for a plant growth is our objective.  As we will understand more of plants growth, we will provide feature to enable plant diagnostic and provide the best climate for the plant ultimate growth. We are constructing the Brain of the gardener and will provide very cool features soon via our cloud.

Why Free ?

We are passionate in advanced technology and we want to give access to all. Growing plants as a source of food is a solution we want to give to everybody.  

First Weedle Gardener

Feed on vegetable

Want to share your Weedle experience?

Drop us a line!

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Behind Weedle

Field Development


Astrid - Cody - Brad - Fred

Solution Development


Marco - Eric  - Benjamin - Sly

Joel Dupont


Weedle Founder